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Online for computer or mobile

Windows application offering a comprehensive set of reference and learning tools

Android app that you can use wherever you are: no internet connection needed.

Apple: apps for iPhone and iPad

Kindle eBooks for dictionary, thesaurus and grammar

PDF: dictionary, thesaurus and grammar

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Learn arabic writing: An easy, online introduction to learning arabic writingNew!

Grammar A comprehensive summary of Egyptian Arabic grammar

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Big-screen web dictionary

If you have a computer with a full-size screen, you can access the dictionary in three ways:

search use this to find a word
if you are not sure exactly how to spell it.
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dictionaryit looks like a normal dictionary,
with the words in alphabetical order
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thesauruseach section of the thesaurus contains
a list of words with similar meanings
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You will see translations of the words that you select: Egyptian words are displayed both in arabic writing and in pronounced or transliterated roman letters.

Each word is linked to a thesaurus section- a list of words with similar meanings. For many of the words, you can also listen to a recording of the word.

New! You can click on a word on any of the views and you will see comprehensive information about the word: for verbs, you will see a listing of every case for perfect, imperfect, bi- and ha-imperfect, active and passive participles.